Gabe Adams

Limb-It-Less Keynote Speaker

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More About Gabe Adams

Since 2016, Gabe has been speaking to; Schools, Business / Corporations, and Church Youth Groups.

Some of the biggest events Gabe has done:

Melaleuca Convention
BYU Football Team
San Diego Bus and Transportation
The Maury Show
Over 30 Schools

Who is Gabe Adams?

Gabe Adams was born in Brazil with Hanhart Syndrome, a genetic disorder, leaving him with no arms or legs. Adopted by his Utah family, Gabe is an amazing example of rising to the challenge. He went to the Dixie High School, in St. George, Utah, and served as a senior class officer. He graduated from Dixie High School last spring.

Gabe is now pursuing a career in motivational speaking and looks forward to starting college soon, where he will pursue interests in interior design.

Despite his challenges, Gabe is extremely independent, participates in family and school activities, and lives an amazingly “normal” life. He even made the dance teams at both Davis and Desert Hills High Schools.

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Gabe Adams is committed to exceeding your needs for your event and will modify his talk around your theme.

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  • limbitlessgabe@gmail.com